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Published by Carmen Brown Marshall

Carmen Marshall is a daughter, a sister, a wife, and an Account Executive at GE Healthcare. In her spare time, she loves Advocating for Wellness. Having accepted Jesus Christ as her Lord and Savior at an early age, she grew in her desire to know God and His Word. Her love for God and initial interest was to understand healing from a secular perspective, but serving His people inspired her to take sabbatical from her career as a Basic Medical Science Research Associate, to obtain a Bachelor’s in Theology. Her interest in medicine and healing has been part of her vocation as she worked to share God’s desire for healing and wholeness for His people. Each Christian and Corporate role she held helped her hone her understanding of her purpose to communicate God’s will for His people to prosper and be in health. A graduate of Rutgers University, with additional graduate studies at New York University and Wayne State University, allowed her to learn how to practice the presence of God and share God’s grace and goodness. While getting a formal education helped, only the truth of God’s Word, rightly divided and spoken in love, gave satisfaction and answers to life and living. A dynamic, motivational speaker believing God to use her life experiences, education and training to help others live the more abundant life Jesus Christ came to make available to the people of God. Working on her first book, Carmen is looking for speaking engagements and consulting opportunities.

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